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  • A Very Happy New Year

    Dear all of the wonderfully exuberant Jamcafe customers, thank you very much for your esteemed custom in 2014. We have had so many fantastic nights over the year some of which we remember like they happened yesterday and some of which are very hazy due to the effects of our strengthened Belgian ales.

    A big thank you also goes out to every musician who has graced the stage on our open mic nights and our gig nights. The entertainment last year reached an immense standard and many of Nottingham’s talent shined. Also thanks to all the touring acts who made Jamcafe special last year. We have had bands from all over the globe adding to the magic.

    Another warm hug of thank your goes to all the DJs who have made us dance. No matter if you’re the first or the last on the dance floor I’m sure you can appreciate the sounds bought to the place by our spinners of wax. Another fat thank you goes to all of the promoters involved in putting on nights and events which has made sure that 2014 was an entertaining and varied year.

    Finally thank you ever so much to all the staff that make my job easier and make the customers experience special.

    Warmest regards,



  • Open Mic Night

    Apr 2015

About Jamcafe

A European style café bar located on Heathcote St, Nottingham; perfectly situated at the heart of the Hockley, whilst remaining just far enough off the beaten track to retain its individuality.

By day the Jamcafe has a warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere. A calm oasis in the midst of a bustling city. By night it comes alive as a bar, restaurant and gig venue serving great food, interesting drinks and showcasing talented musicians and DJS.

To get in touch with us about gigs or anything else please email Jamcafe@live.com.