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  • Dot To Dot – A Very Special Day

    I wanted to say a few words about just how special this Sunday 25th of May was. I had planned to write a little statement after the gig and put it out on social media on Monday but I just couldn’t find the words. I have left it a few days and now feel that rather than a short generic statement like ‘thanks everyone for coming and making it special blah blah’ I would write a small review of the day’s events.

    This year Dot2Dot looked set to be bigger and better than ever before, with more venues involved especially through Hockley. I also had the pleasure and honour of organising the acts myself this year which was a lot easier than I originally had thought it would be thanks to the loyalty and effort that all the bands put in. Out of the 9 bands we had on over the day 3 of them were suggested to us by the DHP team. The first of which who went by the name of ‘Life’ were impossible to find online before the event. Continue reading “Dot To Dot – A Very Special Day” »


  • Kikagaku Moyo / The Network Jam Session / The Lunadogs

    Oct 2014

    (Tickets available from Bradley at Jamcafé or via telephone)

    Dear Damo Suzuki fans,

    I am very sorry to announce that Damo Suzuki has been hospitalised and is in recovery after some complications with a routine operation. Unfortunately this means he wont be attending the gig and we are all praying for his full recovery.

    Those of you who have already bought tickets should have been contacted already with the opportunity for a full refund or to keep the ticket to the new line up which looks very strong. The last date for a full refund is this Thursday, exactly a week before the event.

    The new line up is as follows

    Kikagaku Moyo / The Network Jam Session (without Damo) / Lunadogs

    If you have decided to keep your ticket and attend the event a £5 donation will be made in your name to a charity of Damo Suzuki’s choice and you will be provided with a free beer, cider or soft drink on the night. If you don’t yet have a ticket you will be able to buy one at the new price of £8 advance or £10 on the door if it doesn’t sell out. There are only around 20 tickets left so move fast.

    Kind Regards,
    Bradley Rice


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