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A legend on the decks tonight! House, Funk, Disco #vinylonly stiffkittensdj @ Jamcafé
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Tomorrow Night Live Blues Band Frank’s Wild Years on stage at 10pm - Free Entry - Plus DJ Stiff…

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  • £3.50 per bottle


  • Tom McCartney Blues Band

    Jan 2018



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Open for events


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  • Fresh New Bottles & Cans in The Fridge

    Fresh New Bottles & Cans in The Fridge

    Never heard of a white stout? Why not come try one for the first time in the safety of jamcafe. Firstly to understand what we are asking you to buy you need to understand that white stout is no oxymoron. Yes stouts as we know them are black, thick and chocolatey. However the term stout in brewing originally meant a beer was “strong in body” meaning high percentage and a rich flavour profile. The word Stout has adapted over the years and now commonly refers to a dark beer with plenty of roasted malts. A new wave of craft brewers are reinventing the stout using less roasted malts and in their place using Coffee, Cocao, Vanilla sometimes Oats and Lactose to add the rich stoutlike flavour without darkening the beer. The result is a full of flavour white Ale full of tasty stout characteristics to be sipped over the colder months. We have chosen two for you to taste from the several on the market. Alphabet – Flat White & Weird Beard – God Of The Cold White Silence. See you soon.

About Jamcafe

A European style café bar located on Heathcote St, Nottingham; perfectly situated at the heart of the Hockley, whilst remaining just far enough off the beaten track to retain its individuality.

By day the Jamcafe has a warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere. A calm oasis in the midst of a bustling city. By night it comes alive as a bar and gig venue serving interesting drinks and showcasing talented musicians and DJS.

To get in touch with us about gigs or anything else please email