Hockley HustleWe are very proud to once again be hosting a stage for Hockley Hustle, the greatest music festival in the world, probably!

Here is our awesome lineup…
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Fresh Orval Arrives From Belgium

Orval is a widely celebrated Trappist beer brewed by the monks at Orval Abbey. It has a very distinct flavour due to being dry hopped, giving it the fruity flavour when drank fresh and also due to the use of brettanomyces, a wild yeast which gives Orval a tart sourness when aged. Come and try one fresh and then come back in 6 months and try the matured version.

Orval is a classic that everyone should taste! Carlsberg is not the best beer in the world, Orval probably is!

Orval – 6.2% – Drink Responsibly – Don’t Drink & Drive!

Fresh New Bottles & Cans in The Fridge

Fresh New Bottles & Cans in The Fridge

Never heard of a white stout? Why not come try one for the first time in the safety of jamcafe. Firstly to understand what we are asking you to buy you need to understand that white stout is no oxymoron. Yes stouts as we know them are black, thick and chocolatey. However the term stout in brewing originally meant a beer was “strong in body” meaning high percentage and a rich flavour profile. The word Stout has adapted over the years and now commonly refers to a dark beer with plenty of roasted malts. A new wave of craft brewers are reinventing the stout using less roasted malts and in their place using Coffee, Cocao, Vanilla sometimes Oats and Lactose to add the rich stoutlike flavour without darkening the beer. The result is a full of flavour white Ale full of tasty stout characteristics to be sipped over the colder months. We have chosen two for you to taste from the several on the market. Alphabet – Flat White & Weird Beard – God Of The Cold White Silence. See you soon.

Breaking News: Pop Up Chinese Tapas Menu

Pop Up Chinese Tapas Menu @ Jamcafe for The Next Two Weeks

Tasty Tasty Chinese Food goes well with a Glass of Tasty Tasty Craft Beer


Gig Alert:

Sunday 12th March

Rue Royale
+ support from Daudi Matsiko

£5 / £7

Doors 6pm

Tickets here: https://www.gigantic.com/rue-royale-jamcafe-2017-03-12-18-00

News Update – Evening Menu

Now Serving Food Friday & Saturday evenings from 6pm – 9pm. See here for a sample menu. For reservations call the cafe on 01159483566 or email bradley@jamcafe.info. We look forward to serving you soon.

Album Review

Artist: HECK
Album Title: Instructions
Release Date: March 2015

“It poses somewhat of a challenge for a band with such an immense live reputation to transfer their skills and capture their energy on a produced album. HECK not only managed this, they bossed it. The album is full of energy, raw energy. The songs are soaked in sweat, I’m pretty sure I was already sweating when the needle reached “Don’t Touch That Dial” which was released as a single last year with a stunningly creepy music video. The tracks outro is equally creepy with evil screams almost disguised as a melodic lullaby. Formerly know as Baby Godzilla, HECK have shown the world how well they can play their respective instruments on this album, with bastard drum solos, devilishly fast basslines and guitar as slick as anything. These boys really can play. “Instructions” reaches dramatically dizzy & epic heights but if I was to choose a standout track it would be “Totem” which slows the album down just a tad, was that jazz? The whole album has stayed true and epitomised the live show and the energy of the Nottingham group that we know and love and is a work they should be extremely proud of” – Bradley Jam

Album Review

Album Title: Honu
Artist: Stuck in 2nd
Release Date: April Release

“Finally one of the best live acts around have got their act together and produced an LP. Masterfully blending elements of reggae, ska & dub, ‘Honu’ transports the listener to a sunnier and happier place which one might suggest is needed in today’s climate. The instrumental section on ‘Chasing Dreams’ and the “Knock Door Run” collaboration with Kingfa Red are my personal highlights of the album and show the band aren’t scared to venture over to the darker side of dub. This album is sure to create waves on the dancefloor” – Bradley Jam

Xmas Wishes from the Jamcafe

Dear Jamcafe Clients; Diners, Dancers, Movers, Shakers, Drinkers, Thinkers, Singers, Slingers & Bringers of Self…

We wish you a very merry December, we are now taking a break for the rest of the year to spend time with loved ones and to recharge the batteries ready for a 2016 full of fun and good food. We reopen on Saturday 2 January. If you wish to party with us on NYE we will be dancing with our friends at The Malt Cross with our very own Genre Clash DJs taking centre stage to create the soundtrack for a special evening.

Otherwise have a wonderful time & see you next year.

Much love,