Jamcafe Gin Festival 2015



14th-30th August

Here at Jamcafe this summer we have found a new passion, a passion for gin. As a spirit gin is super exciting. All gin uses juniper as a main ingredient but in reality there are very few limits to the hundreds of ingredients a distiller can use. What’s more the botanicals in gin are always natural.

It’s festival time and we have decided to celebrate our new found love. We have created a gin menu from some of the best gins from around the world that we have tasted and researched over the summer. We have included gins from France, Barcelona and The Black Forest. Gins containing hand foraged rowan berry, pure Icelandic spring water, dandelion, burdock, coconut & the most expensive botanical of them all, saffron. We also have a gin blended with Japanese sake, the gin with the most botanicals in the world and a Welsh gin which is bottled personally every time by their own gin master distiller.

Each gin on the menu will be served as the ‘perfect pour’: 50ml of your gin of choice served with the distillers recommended garnish and 100ml of fever tree tonic, the freshest tonic on the market.

We have tried to find a gin for every one of you so why not join us and find your new favourite tipple.