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Jamcafe Gin Festival 2015


14th-30th August

Here at Jamcafe this summer we have found a new passion, a passion for gin. As a spirit gin is super exciting. All gin uses juniper as a main ingredient but in reality there are very few limits to the hundreds of ingredients a distiller can use. What’s more the botanicals in gin are always natural.

It’s festival time and we have decided to celebrate our new found love. We have created a gin menu from some of the best gins from around the world that we have tasted and researched over the summer. We have included gins from France, Barcelona and The Black Forest. Gins containing hand foraged rowan berry, pure Icelandic spring water, dandelion, burdock, coconut & the most expensive botanical of them all, saffron. We also have a gin blended with Japanese sake, the gin with the most botanicals in the world and a Welsh gin which is bottled personally every time by their own gin master distiller. Read more

Breaking News!

We are excited to announce that Jamcafe will soon be expanding through the front door and on to the street. Our outside seating area will be ready for you in less than a month, just in time for the lovely British summer. We will be serving food and drinks outside until 10pm with a brand new food menu being worked on as we speak. We have lots of exciting events coming up such as; dot2dot, a new vinyl club, poetry nights, the return of the music quiz and lots of brilliant live bands and DJs. So why not join us for an Aperol Spritz, a Belgian blonde beer, a bowl of olives and a cheese board and watch the Hockley world go by.

A Very Happy New Year

Dear all of the wonderfully exuberant Jamcafe customers, thank you very much for your esteemed custom in 2014. We have had so many fantastic nights over the year some of which we remember like they happened yesterday and some of which are very hazy due to the effects of our strengthened Belgian ales.

A big thank you also goes out to every musician who has graced the stage on our open mic nights and our gig nights. The entertainment last year reached an immense standard and many of Nottingham’s talent shined. Also thanks to all the touring acts who made Jamcafe special last year. We have had bands from all over the globe adding to the magic.

Another warm hug of thank your goes to all the DJs who have made us dance. No matter if you’re the first or the last on the dance floor I’m sure you can appreciate the sounds bought to the place by our spinners of wax. Another fat thank you goes to all of the promoters involved in putting on nights and events which has made sure that 2014 was an entertaining and varied year.

Finally thank you ever so much to all the staff that make my job easier and make the customers experience special.

Warmest regards,


Dot To Dot – A Very Special Day

I wanted to say a few words about just how special this Sunday 25th of May was. I had planned to write a little statement after the gig and put it out on social media on Monday but I just couldn’t find the words. I have left it a few days and now feel that rather than a short generic statement like ‘thanks everyone for coming and making it special blah blah’ I would write a small review of the day’s events.

This year Dot2Dot looked set to be bigger and better than ever before, with more venues involved especially through Hockley. I also had the pleasure and honour of organising the acts myself this year which was a lot easier than I originally had thought it would be thanks to the loyalty and effort that all the bands put in. Out of the 9 bands we had on over the day 3 of them were suggested to us by the DHP team. The first of which who went by the name of ‘Life’ were impossible to find online before the event. Read more

Dot To Dot

Jamcafé stage @ Dot2Dot 2014

We are very happy to announce that we are an official stage at Dot2Dot festival this year. Dot2Dot was last years winner of ‘Best Metropolitan Festival’ at the UK festival awards and will probably win even more awards this year as it is the biggest line up they have ever had. Quite possibly thanks to the coming on board of 5 Hockley venues: Jamcafé, Broadway, The Corner, Brew Dog and Suede Bar.

Hockley will be alive this Sunday and we won’t be selfish and expect you to spend the whole day with us, it will be more enjoyable to check out the lineups and plan your day around who you want to see. Good news being most of the Hockley venues are free to enter, you don’t need a wristband to get in. Jamcafé is a free entry venue and we have a fantastic lineup which we have had the pleasure to put together ourselves with some of the best acts that have played Jam over the last year and a few welcome additions by dhp of national acts that we are also very excited to hear. Read more

Looking Forward

We put on gigs almost every night we are open now at Jamcafé, with ourselves and promoters booking a whole load of fantastic bands and artists from all over the UK and sometimes overseas. It is hard for you as a customer to know which gigs to come to and of course we can’t expect you to come out to see us every night of the week, although some of you do. In order to help you we promise from here on to keep the new website up to date with the events page showing you what is coming up so you can do your research and decide who to come and see. On top of that we are happy to share our insight and let you know which gigs we are most excited about. Forced to pick only three gigs that are booked in here are our choices… Read more